The german-brazil advertising designer.

As a well-known service company, we have been involved with the area of IT and photography in Germany for more than 25 years.Thanks to our location in Brazil, we can work for you at low cost. This is the ideal solution for agencies and SMEs. There are thus savings in personnel, energy and taxes, but there are no savings in quality.

Why you should outsource marketing to Brazil ?

We offer you the following services:

  • Software Development
  • 3D Visualization for architectures, products, medicine, technology, science
  • Explanatory videos, Travel videos
  • Graphic design & Digital Art
  • Virtual panorama tours
  • 3D Construction Manual
  • Video and podcast editing
  • Social Media
  • Outsourcing service for agencies and SMEs


Arion Media - Showreel 2023

Marketing - Curitiba

3D Construction Manual / Assembly Instruction

Creation to simplify construction and assembly processes as a 3D animation. Quick and easy access through QR codes.

3D Video Assembly Instruction - Cupboard

3D Video Assembly Instruction - Fload Cube/Ponton

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3D-Visualization & graphic design for social media

Creation of products, architecture, science and services of all kinds as 3D models, animations and graphics.

Body Lotion



Guarana / Brazil

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3D medicine visualization & animation

Multimedia solutions for healthcare marketing.


Web Design and Programming

Fullstack Development - App Development - Wordpress Programming - Woocommerce

Virtual panorama tour

Virtual 360 ° tour through locations and buildings via desktop, tablet PC or smartphones in HD quality.

Comfort Hotel Germany - Germany

Badewelt Sinsheim - Germany

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Arion Media International

About us

We at Arion Media are a service company specifically dedicated to media design and online marketing.

We offer 3D visualization, virtual interactive panoramic tours, digital art, graphic design, explainer & travel videos, and graphic services, among others.

In addition, we offer services related to Brazil, such as help and advice on business opportunities, emigration, company relocation, import and export and much more.

Our company is located in Friedrichshafen on Lake Constance/Germany and in Brazil, as well as a representation in Australia.


We currently looking for partners in different countries around the world:

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